Manowar Songtitel im Stil „x of y“

Into Glory Ride (1983)

Secret of Steel

Gloves of Metal

Gates of Valhalla

Hail to England (1984)

Blood of My Enemies

Army of the Immortals

Bridge of Death

Sign of the Hammer (1984)

Sign of the Hammer

Fighting the World (1987)

Drums of Doom

Master of Revenge

Kings of Metal (1988)

Wheels of Fire

Kings of Metal

Heart of Steel

Sting of the Bumblebee

Blood of the Kings

The Triumph of Steel (1992)

The Death of Patroclus

Armor of the Gods

The Desecration of Hector’s Body

The Power of Thy Sword

Masters of the Wind

Louder Than Hell (1996)

Return of the Warlord

Brothers of Metal, Pt. 1

Warriors of the World (2002)

Warriors of the World United

Hand of Doom

House of Death

The Dawn of Battle

Gods of War (2007)

King of Kings

Army of the Dead, Pt. 1

Loki God of Fire

The Blood of Odin

The Sons of Odin

Gods of War

Army of the Dead, Pt. 2

Hymn of the Immortal Warriors